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Feeling Good at Work

Moderated by Doug Marshall (The World of Doug) with Ericka Jones, Nikki Erchul (Lux Hippie Life) and Andrew Nordberg (Moonlight Beverage).

Let’s look at Mindfulness. What is it? How can it work for individuals and is there room for it in the workplace? Depending on who you talk to, mindfulness at work can boost morale and create a greater sense of community or it can decrease productivity. If it benefits the individual, does it collectively add to the greater good of a company?

Doug will help navigate the conversation about mindfulness and the role it plays in personal lives and in work settings. We will focus on bridging the gap between self-care and mindfulness in personal lives and how it can be brought into work-life. We will also get a glimpse into companies that champion mindfulness at work and this discussion will spark ideas on how you can create mindful moments while working, whether you work in an office, from home, run your own company or do client-based work.

It will be an open forum for idea sharing and questions. It’s a great way to set yourself up for success for 2020.

Doug Marshall


A writer, motivational speaker, TV personality and social media brand consultant. He has launched social media campaigns for many globally recognized brands including Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Ellen DeGeneres’ lifestyle line.

He is also a self-help enthusiast, teaching Mindset + Meditation Workshops to groups, businesses and individuals to help them clean up their energy so they can feel good, be present and live abundantly. By using tools that take 30 seconds to 3 minutes, he can help you have a mindset shift that serves your highest good.

He shares lifestyle tips and his good energy through his blog at and Instagram @theworldofdoug.

Ericka Jones


Compassionate thought leader, infusing Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belongingness into work culture at Cargill. She is also a yoga instructor at Minnesota Power Yoga and Lululemon Ambassador

Nikki Erchul


A therapist, mindset coach and meditation instructor for over 10 years, serving thousands of clients. She specializes in deepening intuitive knowing and evolving your connection spirit, which allows you to step into a place of power (in every facet of your life). @luxhippielifestyle

Andrew Nordberg


Founded Moonlight Beverage with his mentor and his wife, Carl and Kristin Schroeder. He is also a part of the yoga community at Minnesota Power Yoga, Andrew has made mindfulness an integral part of his life and confident that working for a start-up has provided many opportunities to train the mind and would not look the same without the company’s culture of mindfulness.

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