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How to Level Up your Vibe at Home

The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to bring positive and renewed energy into your life and more, specifically your home. In search of ways to make this happen, we recently chatted with interior designer Anne McDonald of Anne McDonald Design and we all agreed that 2020 was a doozy, and that it’s more important than ever to ground our spaces.

We wanted to dig deeper and get some tangible ways we could make this happen. Lucky for us, because Anne is sharing a few simple ways to bring a sense of warmth, security, and calm to our homes that don’t involve a lot of cash or time.


Forget the overhead cans and opt for mellow, glowy lamps (use low wattage/ warm LED bulbs). This time of year can be so dark, so early. String some twinkly lights in your backyard get some beautiful landscape lighting to uplight a tree. Then turn it on! A cold, black window will all of a sudden feel like it has dimension and warmth right outside of it. 

Don’t underestimate the power of sheepskin and beeswax.

It’s all about centering yourself in the space, and this is not just visual. It’s sensual. The warmth and smell of a local beeswax candle hits so many senses- it’s warming, it has a subtle grounded scent, and the light bounces in a playful way. And sheepskins should be in every room of your home, in my opinion. 


It’s not just for hippies! Head to your favorite shop and grab a non-toxic incense. I burn it when I need to feel grounded and calm. I swear it does the job, every time.

More About Anne

Anne McDonald Design is a full service interior design studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Anne McDonald blends form and function to deliver design solutions that delight and inspire. She works with admired locals such as Kate Arends of Wit & Delight to offer a holistic design approach that seamlessly blends form and function. Her cohesive concepts evolve into soulful spaces where meaning and memories are made, gently pushing design boundaries and comfort zones along the way. 

Anne McDonald Design | @anne_mcdonald_design