The Next Plant You Should Get Based on Your Enneagram

Your enneagram type can influence so many aspects of your life – relationships, style, career and even the best plant for you! Plant mamas and papas everywhere would love to know the plant that will thrive under their care based on their enneagram type. 

To round out our list, we tapped into the team at Bachman’s for their expertise. In chatting with Karen Bachman Thull, the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, she shares that “like people, plants have their own personalities! Matching the right houseplant with the right person is an exciting adventure and Bachman’s is here to help! There are plants that like bright light and plants that like low light. Some thrive in humidity while others like it dry. Some need their roots moist all the time, while others like to dry out before they drink again.”

Plants come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes plant shopping so much fun. You have the ability to find a plant that suits your individual space, style and routines.



Common: Chinese Evergreen Botanical: Aglaonema commutatum

Balanced and methodical, the chinese evergreen is the perfect desktop plant that will set up any Type 1 for success.


Common: Split Leaf Philodendron Botanical: Monstera deliciosa

A bit temperamental, the monstera deliciosa, requires extra attention and TLC that is right up a Type 2’s alley.


Common: Fiddle Leaf Fig
Botanical: Ficus lyrata

The ultra-trendy yet finicky fiddle leaf fig is perfect fit for the highly-driven Type 3s.


Common: Air plant
Botanical: Tillandsia

Able to grow on or in the most creative and interesting surfaces, the air plant is as unique as Type 4s.


Common: Snake Plant
Botanical: Sansevieria trifasciata

The core desire of a Type 5 is to be competent and dependable, and the snake plant is just that.


Common: Golden Pothos
Botanical: Epipremnum aureum

Golden Pothos are the perfect match for Type 6s seeking dependable, hearty plants.


Common: Cactus
Botanical: Cactaceae

Notoriously low maintenance while whimsical and fun, the tropical vibe of the cactus is perfect for the fun-loving and spontaneous Type 7s.


Common: Orchid
Botanical: Orchidaceae

Challenge-seeking Type 8s need to look no further than the orchid if they want to take on one of the more high-maintenance yet stunning plants.


Common: Dragon Tree
Botanical: Dracaena marginata

The go-with-the-flow dragon tree is as popular and easy going as the Type 9s in your life.

So, whether you’re new to plants or interested in adding a newbie to your plant family, Bachman’s can help guests find their perfect match and be successful with the care and maintenance of their new plant friend.   

Visit the interactive Enneagram Essentials windows at Galleria Edina through the end of March to see these plants and other products from the shops at Galleria styled in the design-forward window displays based on enneagram types.