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Garden Planning Goals


Gardening is a mountain that many wish to climb and feels like it should come to us as natural as it is.

That is not the case.

Luckily, Katie Covey Spanier exists. The creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into her garden year after year is nothing short of inspiring. Katie is an arts and cultural engagement strategist, creative producer, and museum educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Whenever she has a spare moment, she is either cooking or enjoying the outdoor oasis she and her husband, Reggie, created right in Northeast, Minneapolis – always with their Yellow Labrador, Otis Nacho beside them.

Photo of Katie Covey Spanier’s Garden Planning Process

Katie begins with research. Broad? Yes. Absolutely necessary? Also yes. Here are some things she looks into before planting:

  • Germination Cycle: True to her artistic roots, she ensures a variety of colors and textures are always blooming together.
  • Companion Planting: Plants are a part of their own ecosystem and whenever possible, Katie designs her garden in a way where they help one another grow. Her go-to combination is corn, beans, and squash – also known as Three Sisters Garden.
  • Pollinators: When working on plant placements, she always keeps pollinators in mind.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help.

Herbs are wonderful to plant for beginners and professionals alike. Below, you will find a Culinary Herb Guide that outlines crowd-pleasing plants. We hope this guides you into a successful harvest. You can also download it here.

Besides research, documenting the process is an incredible learning tool that will help you grow as a gardener. Click here to download a ready-to-print journal for you to use throughout the season.

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