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Meet the LAB Dogs (+ Cats)

If you know the LAB Team, you know that we like to talk about our pets as much as we do about our favorite new local business or color palette. Our furry sidekicks bring us joy, fill our Instagram feeds, often serve as our muse and even grace us with their presence in the studio from time to time when they are not our WFH office mates.

We all appreciate a break in the day for some unconditional love, a little exercise or change of scenery by taking them for a walk, an impromptu photo shoot with them – or better yet, a happy hour with the team and their dogs at a nearby park or patio.

It’s time to meet the LAB dogs and cats:


a.k.a. Lar-Bear

Breed: English Golden Doodle
Age: 1.5 years old
Enneagram: 7, Enthusiast
LAB Dog Parent: Mollie’s sister, Whitney

Larry is an honorary stand-in for Mollie as her nephew-pup. A professional counter-surfer, Larry is always hopeful he finds a secret stash of his favorite treats, Happy Howie’s Lamb Soft Meal Rolls – or better yet, broccoli! You can often find him sporting his lifejacket on Lake Minnetonka. With his active lifestyle, Larry would be the perfect pup to rep, his favorite brand – Outward Hound.

Joe Louis

a.k.a. JoJo, Joseph, Joe Lou, Fox Face, Little White Dog, Cutest Little Dog in the Whole Wide World

Breed: Maltese Pomeranian
Age: 5 years old
Enneagram: 7, Enthusiast
LAB Dog Parent: Heather | @joelouisthedog

While a dog mom to two additional dogs, to know Heather is to know that Joe Louis is her pride and joy. With an unbridled affection for all things that resemble a panda (especially from IKEA), a constant craving for coconut oil and often sporting his Wild One accessories coast to coast, Joe Louis is living his best life. Goals: brand ambassador for his signature scent, CHI Dog Spray or his favorite accessories, Hunting Pony.


a.k.a. Wiley, Wi-Guy, Wi-Wi, Buddy, Munch, Milkshake

Breed: Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Golden Retriever Mix
Age: 8 months
Enneagram: 6, Loyalist | 7, Enthusiast
LAB Dog Parent: Erica | @wilder_things

This adorable puppy has been a bright spot in Erica’s pandemic WFH situation – and Wilder is nailing life as an urban pup in Northeast Minneapolis. Often brewery bound wearing his signature green bandana (Go Pack Go) or fetching his favorite Penn tennis ball in a nearby park, this smart pup welcomes the chance to give high fives again. Wilder screams Patagonia and REI in canine form. Have your people, call his people.


a.k.a. Coop-man, Scooby, Buddy

Breed: Collie, Retriever Mix
Age: 2 years old
Enneagram: 2, Helper
LAB Dog Parent: Zoe |

A regular at Sociable Cider Werks, Cooper is known to steal hearts (and socks). This sweet and gentle rescue pup is also a pro at Northeast Minneapolis living with his brewery bandana collection and obsession with the smoked pig ears from Stanleys NE. If anyone should be on the cover of the Sidewalk Dog Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass, we vote Cooper.

Khalo (black)

a.k.a. Frida Kahlo

Dalí (white)

a.k.a. Salvador Dalí. Dalí Cat, Doll Face, Sugar Doll, Sugar Cane, Sugar Puff, Twinkle Toes, Sugar Plum Fairy Girl

Breed: Domestic Short Hairs | Dalí – Part Siamese
Age: Kahlo – 6 years old | Dalí – 5 years old
Enneagram: Kahlo – 6, Loyalist | Dalí – 4, Individualist
LAB Cat Parent: Amy

Representing the felines, Kahlo and Dalí are so beautiful, unique and on-brand with cat mama Amy. You can find them leisurely lounging in their window hammocks watching life on the outside in South Minneapolis. While they may not have any tricks up their paws, they are content with a crinkle ball, toy mice and salmon pâté on the menu. Their elevated taste makes them the purr-fect accessory to any upcoming campaigns via MartinPatrick3 (Kahlo) or Dior (Dalí).