Create. Connect. Collaborate.

Stronger Together: A Q&A With Christine Marvin

BY ZOE VOSSEN – July 7, 2021

Photography courtesy of Nicole Franzen and Read McKendree

Christine Marvin, Vice President of Strategy, Design & Organizational Development at Marvin understands the importance of community, both personally and as an organization. With “Stronger Together” being one of Marvin’s business values comes great responsibility for nurturing their employees and the community as a whole.

Being headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota since the beginning of Marvin’s history, it’s the community that enriches the Marvin story. Through supporting others and the power of community draws people from far and wide. The positive energy is contagious and their grit & drive is unrivaled. It is observed on the daily how this incredible community creates infinite reasons to come together and are certainly stronger because of it.

Here at LAB, we are grounded by 3 keywords: Create, Connect, and Collaborate. How do those words resonate with Marvin?

Create: This word is literally in our purpose statement, “To imagine and create better ways of living.” With a spirit of optimism and possibility, we believe in action and bringing ideas to life that are impactful, inspiring, and will make a difference – for employees, customers and for our communities.

Connect: One of our values is “stronger together.” We believe in the power of connection with team members and partners to inspire thinking and make ideas and solutions better. A curious mind that looks out to the world and is inspired by others is a behavior that challenges and betters our own thinking. When we can understand the viewpoints of others and what is happening in the greater world, we often find that ideas, and ultimately solutions, are even stronger, work for more people and resonate even more. 

Collaborate: The spirit of collaboration, co-creation, and the idea that we are stronger together is a driving force at Marvin. We are very much grounded in all 3 keywords, too, as a company and for me personally. 

Marvin has always been centered around community. How does your community show up for each other on a daily basis?

Community is part of our DNA and it shows up in different ways across Marvin. Our headquarters remains in Warroad, Minnesota. It’s where the company started in 1912, and while our footprint extends to many different cities across the country today, Warroad enabled Marvin to become Marvin. When you are based in a small town, you appreciate the ecosystem of community, customer, and team and the ripple effects of decision making (because you see them firsthand), and the importance of an equilibrium among them.

There is a spirit of giving back in our hometown, that I also personally call home. I see fellow residents give time, resources, skills, and passions to the community, and it fills my heart so much. Some examples:

  • A team of volunteers created a skate path on the Warroad River, which was no easy effort, but a way to unite us during the dark times of COVID.
  • A beautification program lined our streets with new signage and potted flowers.
  • A generous scholarship program for Warroad graduates that makes the possibility of post-secondary education a little closer.
  • A Warroad Area Community Fund that supports individuals and activities that advance education and growth opportunities for the youth in the community.

Daily, our community shows up for each other … in quiet ways, in times of need, and to simply make Warroad an even better place to live. 

We are in awe of what Marvin can do when designing a space. What are some of your favorite projects you’ve been involved with & why?

I could talk about home design ALL day. I’m beyond excited for a project in our Minnesota backyard! Some of the new window and door solutions we’ve been designing for the past couple years in the Marvin Design Lab are part of the Minne Stuga project in Grand Marais, a cabin owned by local influencer Melissa Coleman.

I do believe windows and doors, light, air and view, can transform a space and enhance our mental, physical and social wellbeing, and this new remodeled home (that is rentable) feels like the perfect spot to unwind and connect with family and the outdoors. The Minne Stuga features Awaken, a smart stunning skylight with supplemental lighting to support circadian rhythm, as well as Skycove, the coziest, light-filled window box you’ve ever experienced. Who doesn’t love weekend getaways in our beautiful state?!

About Marvin: Since the day they opened their doors in 1912 as a family-owned and -operated cedar and lumber company, they have looked for ways to help people live better. They continue to evolve by raising the bar, building quality, beauty and simplicity into people’s everyday lives. Check out their website and follow them on Instagram.