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Meet the Artist | Lindsey Made This

Drawn in by the happy color palettes, the exaggerated doodles and the combination of playful and luxury streetwear, one can’t help but smile, feel cool and nostalgic all at the same time from the illustrations by Lindsey Made This. This Minnesota-born illustrator has collaborated with top-notch brands found on any designer’s dream bucket list – Apple, Target, Coach, Caribou Coffee, NHL Wives and Facebook to name a few.

Photo: Sarah Lim

Recently, she was invited by Galleria to design a larger-than-life mural featuring her colorful and optimistic pop art for their innovative take on this year’s annual flower show, FloralPop: A Blooming Transformation. Her cheerful, bold art wraps the exterior of the building via enormous vinyl panels and is the perfect reminder to celebrate life and creativity – and of course, the perfect photo backdrop.

We at LAB are long-time fan girls of Lindsey and her work. We are always happy when her latest projects fill our Instagram feeds. So, you can imagine we were over the moon to have the chance to sit down with Lindsey and get to know her.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I was born, raised and reside in Minnesota. I have palm trees in my heart but tough out the cold to stay close to my family – as close as across the street from my big sis, and my little sis is just a stone’s throw. I also have two sons: Bo (7) is my empath and Rhode (4) shaves years off of my life with his fearlessness. My husband is a Major in the US Army yet loves to art direct my projects…let’s just say that we have stylistic differences. I LOVE friendship, shopping and sports. That about sums it up!

How has being from Minnesota influenced your working style?

Growing up in a get-it-done, small Minnesota town with parents who rarely sat still has given me my explorative nature. There is variety all around, which is really inspiring. And the people…OOF!…let me tell you about the people. They are giving and humble. This carries through to our wonderful creative community. They’re always eager to share, collaborate and uplift. Working alongside and with them opens up new perspectives, provides inspiration and enhances the process. BRB, need a tissue. 

Have you always been a doodler?

Always. I like to think my career started that night my cousin and I painted illustrations on our nails with toothpicks.

Why do you make this type of art and what does it mean to you?

At my core, this girl really does just want to have fun and I want others to have fun. Popping smiles really does it for me. 

What does your artwork represent?

Sorry to sound like a broken record here, but it’s all about fun. Art is one of the first things we do with our children and I’m just trying to push the childlike wonder initiative through to all ages. I *hope* that my artwork provides a happiness escape.

How has your style evolved?

I’ve tried things many different ways, in many different styles. I eventually found a style that is most true to me as a person, and comes most naturally.

What is your favorite medium?

I love a good ol’ fashioned pencil and piece of paper. 

What has been the most amazing project you have collaborated on to date and why?

Well, I’ve had a lot of loves throughout the years, but the Galleria FloralPop has truly been one of my tops. Here’s why: 

A. It took place at a mall. 

B. Not just any mall, but an iconic mall in my own backyard where all of my friends and family could experience it. 

C. The project had scale. We produced larger than life visuals, digital filters and a tangible fashion item. The stir crazy in me really loved doing all the things. 

D. The client was a unicorn, sprinkle, rainbow dream, encouraging me to make it totally Lindsey and we had a lot of fun along the way. So, to sum it all up…. 

E. There was fashion, color, fun and happiness. 

The Galleria project included all of my favorite things.

Now for a little rapid fire with Lindsey…

SIGNATURE PIECE OF CLOTHING…I’m always stompin’ in my Air Force 1s. 

DREAM COLLABORATION…Please reference the previous answer. I’d love to have my own line of custom kicks!

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF…Fun-loving, loyal, optimistic.


FAVORITE EMOJI…😈  (I may or may not have it tattooed on my person.)


FAVORITE PLACE TO MEET UP IN THE TWIN CITIES…Any body of water for a walk and talk. 

ON REPEAT, ON YOUR STUDIO PLAYLIST…Best Friend by Saweetie FT. Doja Cat

FAVORITE LOCAL IG ACCOUNT…@minnesotamemes full stop.

Photo: Galleria Edina

Again, lucky us to have this amazing talent and positive energy reppin’ Minnesota and creating such joy through art. Be sure and check out the mural at Galleria Edina thru early August and follow @lindseymadethis for your daily dose of pure happiness.