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New to the North Loop: Meet Barry’s


The pandemic put a lot of things on hold. Barry’s Minneapolis was announced in late 2019 as “coming soon”, only to have the project delayed due to covid-19. But the wait is finally over! A fit, loud, exciting new neighbor with a cult-like following has come to the North Loop, and we at LAB had the opportunity to meet “him”! Allow us to introduce you: meet Barry’s – a.k.a The Best Workout In The World.

Our team checked out Barry’s Bootcamp and their infamous Red Room and it was as impressive as their website claimed it would be. Located right on Washington Ave in the heart of the North Loop, Barry’s might be the coolest new spot in town and immediately home to the who’s who of Twin Cities fitness – and those wanting to be. Exposed brick and its 6,000 square foot studio space gives it that spacious, industrial feel, while its plentiful selfie walls and neon signage remind us that we are indeed stepping foot into one of the most popular fitness studios of the 21st century. And, everyone is sharing pics to prove it on Instagram (us included). The lobby features a shop full of must-have Barry’s merch – and the locker rooms were stocked with top-of-the-line Oribe products with that mood-lifting signature scent. I was a fan of the Fuel Bar that offers gourmet protein shakes post-workout. Simply put, the studio is beautiful, all-encompassing and incentive enough to get me to class.

The Red Room itself was dimly lit and, for obvious reasons, bathed in red mood lighting. The music was heart pumping; the hype was high. This HIIT workout combines treadmill running and weight circuits to package cardio and strength into an extremely effective 50 minute workout class. The vibe in the studio was electric, yet initially intimidating. I am a very active person but I still get nervous when trying things I haven’t tried before – but if this is what Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid are doing to stay fit than so shall I.

Barry’s gives off the aura of the popular clique in high school; you want to fit in. You want to belong. And less than a minute in, I KNEW I belonged. Everyone in that Red Room was just out there doing their best, rooting for themselves and one another. The instructor knew exactly how to challenge and push the class without being too much of a drill sergeant. 

I started on the treadmill and the instructor guided us through a 10 minute run series. The time flew by because every 30-45 seconds I was changing up my settings between jogging, sprinting, and inclines. I’ve never experienced time go by so quickly on a treadmill. Ever. High five to you, Barry’s! 

After the tread, the trainer guided us to our corresponding floor space. Instructions were easy to follow and movements were changing every minute or so during the duration of this total body strength series. I am telling you, I was so busy sweating and getting lost in the energy of the studio that I *literally* forgot to watch the clock and/or complain to my neighbor about how challenging the workout was. (Which it was!)

Overall, I enjoyed my first experience at Barry’s Bootcamp and give it a thumbs up. I installed the Barry’s app and am already checking their schedule and mine to get back in that Red Room. 

Boutique fitness is a multibillion dollar industry that is not going away anytime soon. From perfectly selected playlists with master beat drops to pristine lobbies and locker rooms, smaller studios are cropping up and ready to showcase their personalities (and their Instagram photo op walls). Health and wellness is no longer solely found in the form of big, expansive gym spaces chock full of equipment. Group fitness classes, like those offered at Barry’s, offer a newfound sense of community that previous mainstream gym chains lacked. Welcome to the neighborhood Barry’s…we are happy you are here!

Visit Barry’s Minneapolis, 701 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401, (612) 470-4141,

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