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2021 Minnesota-Made Holiday Gift Guide: Part I

Photo by Coppersmith Photography

The LAB Hydda-Way is in full swing at The Northern Express, and we’ve been having so much fun sharing our favorite Minnesota-made brands and artisans with you along the way. Our cabin is inspired by the lifestyle of the world’s happiest people. Lykke, the Danish word for happiness, weaves together the many values, relationships, and mindfulness practices that lead to a fulfilling life. Each of our vignettes in the Hydda-Way is inspired by a pillar of Lykke, and today we’re highlighting a few of our favorites: Get Outside and Stay True!

Shopping local is the best way to ensure your dollars stay within your community and support the local makers and artisans throughout your neighborhood. In our holiday gift guide, we’re sharing products that are made with love in Minnesota and sure to please everyone on your list. Without further ado, let’s get shopping!

Get Outside

Good health enables us to play and seek adventures, and it starts by getting outside. Nature has a positive effect on our health and happiness and can serve as a mindfulness tool year-round. These picks are perfect for any lover of the great outdoors. From custom bikes to gear that will help them brave the elements, we’ve got you covered.

Photo by Coppersmith Photography

Stewart Plaid Wool Throw Blanket
Faribault Woolen Mill

Twin Cities Neighborhoods Map
Art By Aleisha

Devil City 8 Glacier Lake Bike
Handsome Cycles

Winter Wonderland Reversible Teddy Vest
Lucy & Co.

Dreams of Indigo Days Touque

Punchy Magnolia

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Print
Turman Artwork Co.

Winter, You Wonder Book
Perris Deppa

Stay True

The spirit of trust, cooperation, and equality are at the heart of happiness. “Stay True” means believing the best in people and trusting in collaboration over competition. Empathy and loyalty are building blocks to happiness, and these gifts are nestled in comfort and security. These Minnesota-made products are a way to gift self-care to those you love the most to keep them stylish and cozy all winter long.

Photo by Coppersmith Photography

Pino Candle

Alora Ambiance

Luxe Holiday Robe

De Nova

Faux Fur Throw

Bosker Home

Scout Pack

Bamboo Alphabet

Golden Age Design

Alpine Sheepskin Moccasin


Pokni Native Beaded Earrings

Lillie Nell Beadworks

Classic Cutting Board – $89


To learn more about the Hydda-Way and get your tickets to The Northern Express, click here. Looking for more gift-giving inspiration? We’ve got you covered with Part II of our Holiday Gift Guide. We thank you for supporting local businesses, and wish you the happiest holiday!