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What You Need to Know Before Your Next Spa Day


There are few things more luxurious than a spa day. Whether it’s a solo self-care experience or a day spent with close friends, spa treatments are one of the loveliest ways to treat yourself with the care you can’t duplicate at home. Sometimes though, being surrounded by experts can leave you feeling intimidated and unsure of what’s in store. We’re here to help!

A taste of the imagery we used to inspire Spa Sweet’s rebrand.

Today’s guest blogger is Sonja Boatman Anderson, the owner of Spa Sweet in Minneapolis. As we’ve worked to rebrand Spa Sweet and launch their new website, we’ve fallen in love with Sonja and her team of experts, who always make us feel at home in their space. 

We asked Sonja to share a few tips about the client experience, and she let us in on four key elements to preparing for an upcoming spa visit. Cheat-sheet for your next spa treatment: check! 

Without further ado, here’s Sonja!

A sneak peek of our rebrand for Spa Sweet. Click here to see more!

Ultimately, every spa wants their clients to be happy and satisfied with their visit, but it does take some effort from the customer to be sure they get the experience they are looking for. One of our favorite parts of this work is getting to know our clients and their needs. Here are a few tips to prepare you for your next spa visit that will leave you feeling nurtured and relaxed.

Manage Expectations

What type of treatment are you looking for? Relaxing? Hands-on? Clinical? Machines vs no machines? Do your research so your expectations are met. Read websites, visit social media pages, call and ask questions, get referrals. We want you to love your treatment as much as we do. If you are coming into a spa treatment with realistic expectations, you are much more likely to leave satisfied.

At Spa Sweet, we specialize in hands-on healing. We focus on using professional skincare and acid or enzyme peels without using machines or tools, except for the occasional jade stone roller or Gua Sha stone. We find we can achieve our goals with these methods, but if you are looking for different techniques, that is ok! It’s important to know what type of facial or spa treatment you are booking so your expectations are met.

Try Different Service Providers

It’s important that you find value in your spa service, which is why we want you to love your service provider. All service providers have different styles, techniques, and personalities. You are spending your valuable time and money on a spa service, so it’s important that you enjoy spending time with the person delivering the services. It won’t hurt our feelings if you try someone new, we simply want you to be happy with your experience.

Be Vocal About Your Needs

Let your Service Provider know if there is anything they can do to make you more comfortable. Need another blanket, more heat on the table, deeper or lighter pressure, different music, or different volume level? These are easy things for service providers to adjust and we are more than happy to accommodate. That is why it is important that you communicate with your service provider so your comfort is achieved.

This Is Your Time!

Remember, this is time you’ve carved out for your own self-care. If you are paying for a 60-minute treatment your service provider should stay with you the entire time and give you the entire 60-minutes.  At Spa Sweet, we are committed to delivering all of our attention to you and your treatment the entire time you are with us. We will not leave the treatment room for you to “relax” or end the service early.

Talk or No Talk?

This is totally up to you. We understand that some people relax better when they make conversation. We also recognize some clients want quiet time and that works for us as well.

Ultimately, we want you to LOVE your spa treatment so you return and become a regular client.

We love creating relationships and getting to know our guests, putting effort into figuring out what type of spa experience you enjoy is part of the process. Returning to a spa where you find value and comfort is important for your relaxation and self-care experience. We wish you luck on your self-care journey and we look forward to welcoming you into our space.

Sonja is the owner of Spa Sweet, an award-winning, upscale, South Minneapolis neighborhood spa and boutique dedicated to providing luxurious products and second-to-none services in a relaxing and private setting. To learn more about Sonja and schedule your treatment at Spa Sweet, click here.