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Your Complete Guide to CBD and THC in Minnesota

Photo courtesy of BLNCD Naturals

As you’ve likely heard, Minnesota experienced a major change this summer around the legal restrictions regarding CBD and THC wellness products. As lovers of both small businesses and unique ways to practice self-care, our team was curious about how these changes affected local hemp businesses and what’s in store for their future. The stigma around marijuana is changing, and we’re breaking down the issue from a curious, thoughtful, and judgment-free perspective.

Inside This Growing, Supportive Industry

Before we dive into the local cannabis scene, we wanted to understand the topic further with Carol R. M. Moss, Attorney at Law and Cannabis Law specialist.

“I have a soft spot for female entrepreneurs, and the cannabis industry has a lot of them. Women often have to play catch-up in business, but because this is an emerging industry in Minnesota, women can demand to have seats at the table at the very beginning. There’s an opportunity for change here.”

Carol R. M. MOSS, attorney at law

Carol shares that one reason she continues returning to this community is the shared feeling of mutual success.

“This is a community with unique challenges, and the current laws in Minnesota are weird. The goal is ultimately to build a legal system that can give Minnesota businesses an advantage while also providing the public with safe and legal products that have been so popular. There’s been a lot of gray area for the last few years.”

Minorities in Minnesota’s Cannabis Industry

One of the questions that came up often in this discussion was how minorities in Minnesota play a role in this emerging industry. With marijuana’s criminalization disproportionately affecting black Minnesotans (black people are nearly five times more likely to be charged with a marijuana-related offense) and our state’s tumultuous history with law enforcement, it is a facet of the issue we cannot ignore.

As more Minnesotans become socially comfortable with cannabis, what does this mean for the gentrification of the industry, specifically in our community?

As someone working firsthand with clients who need this legislative change, Moss explains the ripple effect noting, “We cannot allow these products to be legal and businesses make money without recognizing the harm done. These types of convictions follow a person long after they have served their punishment. A conviction can prevent a person from having financial security by preventing them from being able to get into college, and receiving federal student loans, certain jobs, or housing loans. When you compound these issues in communities of color that are disproportionately targeted, it creates a cycle of generational poverty and prevents the creation of generational wealth.”

“The legalization of marijuana must include social aspects to correct past wrongs. If Minnesota continues down the ‘baby step” approach to legalization, the important aspect may be left behind.”

It’s an ongoing conversation within the industry, and one of the organizations spearheading this change is Forty Acre Co-Op, which is the first national black farming co-operative in the United States since the Reconstruction Era.

Through the co-op, minority farmers are able to access grants, resources, and agricultural education to have a more equal market share and create a sustainable living from farming. In addition, Forty Acre sells organically grown, equitably sourced, and scientifically sound CBD wellness products. The goal of their Seed to Wellness Promise is to make these products available at accessible prices to communities that might not otherwise have the opportunity to use them.

To learn more and donate to Forty Acre Co-Op, click here.

Why Should I Try It?

As more people move away from alcohol as their libation of choice, there is growing curiosity around other, more natural methods to unwind.

Nicola Peterson of Verist noted, “Our journey as a CBD brand is still just beginning, but the further we get, the more we understand just how much of an impact hemp can have on improving everyday lives. Whether it’s treating or managing pain, reducing anxiety or amplifying joy, it is truly amazing to see what this plant has the power to do—especially when it’s grown the right way.”

Surly Brewing founder Omar Ansari said it best in a recent interview, noting, “We’re hoping that in a year’s time we can prove that THC can be grown, produced, sold, and consumed in a more responsible manner than we ever realized. Like maybe it’s not the devil’s weed? Maybe it’s actually something that, after a day of reading the news, you can choose a glass of wine, or a Surly beer, or a THC tonic, and that’s a good way to unwind.”

Where Do I Start?

Choosing your preferred method and form of CBD and THC products can feel overwhelming. Our friends at Verist created a quiz to help you find a product for your needs and a worksheet to better understand what dosage and forms of CBD work best for your individual body.

For products with active THC, Allison Vaillancourt of BLNCD Naturals reminds us that, “you can always take more, but you can’t take less.” Starting slowly in a comfortable environment is the way to go, especially keeping in mind that edible Delta-9 products take between 30 minutes to 1 hour for the full effects to arrive.

Enhance your experience by putting on a playlist you love, comfy clothes, and choose a movie or book that brings you comfort. If the weather plays along, try taking a walk outside and enjoying nature!

With so many local brands to choose from, there’s an option for everyone. Learn more below about our favorite Minnesota-based CBD and THC wellness products, and the places you can find them.

BLNCD Naturals

A women-owned and operated business, BLNCD Naturals creates award-winning, premium-quality beauty and wellness products inspired by the therapeutic properties of plant-based ingredients, including CBD. We love BLNCD products because we know every product is created by an esthetician and chemist to ensure clean, effective skincare and wellness products.


With over 130 years of cultivating their land in the Minnesota River Valley, joining the hemp business was a natural next step for Aaron and Nicola Peterson, co-founders of Verist. They’ve long been advocates for locally grown products and saw an opportunity to expand into a new era of wellness. Whether you’re looking for assistance with sleep, pain, or relaxation, Verist has you covered.

Indeed Brewing’s Two Good

Indeed Brewing has been at the forefront of creating CBD beverages for years, and Two Good is their latest addition to a robust tap list. With a light lavender lemon flavor, this drink is a refreshing way to relax, no matter where your day takes you.

Botany Farms

Botany Farms creates hemp products for those who want to enjoy its benefits while remaining clear-headed and present. Add bright sunshine, fresh water, and some well-deserved love and respect and you have Botany Farms Craft Cannabis.


We didn’t forget about your furry friends! CBD is a natural, non-psychoactive way to soothe pet anxiety, and Kradle is at the forefront of this movement. From long car rides to thunderstorms, Kradle creates easy-to-use treats that help your pup relax. Queso chews, anyone?

You Betcha Cannabis Co.

With a few flavors of delicious gummies and more on the way, You Betcha Cannabis Co. is a perfect local pick for your next Minnesota adventure. Find their products at local shops and restaurants, including a team-favorite lunch spot, Brim!

JES Naturals

This family-owned CBD shop has two convenient locations in the Twin Cities and was started by a licensed nurse who was looking for more natural relief alternatives for pain, sleep, and more. Each product they carry is carefully vetted, and they’re always ready to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle when you visit their store!

Retro Bakery

Based in Minneapolis, Retro Bakery went from only being known in a few small stores in Minnesota to being the most innovative hemp product of 2021 in just 7 months. Retro Bakery creates delicious chocolates and sweet treats with a THC twist. Grab yours before they sell out!

Retro Bakery

Straight from Northeast Minneapolis, Simply Crafted has been making quality products at an affordable, accessible price since 2019. With local pickup and super fast shipping, they’re a team favorite.

Selzters from Local Breweries

The list grows daily of local breweries that are dipping their toes into THC. From Surly’s Take Five to Modist Brewing’s Tint, there are countless spots to try a THC seltzer when you’re looking for an alternative to alcohol or to simply try something different. Here’s a list of the places you can find local THC + CBD seltzers.

Emma is a writer living in Minneapolis. When she’s not checking out a new brewery with friends or blasting Taylor Swift in her car, you can find her dreaming up ideas as the Brand + Editorial Manager at LAB.