The Collective is Back: Embracing Community


Laura Roos of Minny & Paul sharing their custom local gift boxes.

And just like that, we’re into the chaos and magic of the holiday season! Like many over the long weekend, I watched Lizzo’s new documentary on HBO. As Minnesotans, we love to remind the world that her award-winning career first took off in our community. 

My heart beat a bit faster as Lizzo reminisced, saying, “Minneapolis just embraced me. the part of me that had a little bit of an accent and loved to freestyle rap, and then the other side of me that was like, I listen to indie rock music and play the classical flute. I feel like this city just gave me the opportunity to be who I am.”

Lizzo on stage at Rock the Garden in 2014.
Photo by Lisa Persson for MN Daily

It’s easy to take for granted how our community welcomes new ideas and people who don’t fit a mold. Even Lizzo knows this place is special – and we want to embrace it.  If you have passion for your work, whatever that may be, someone else wants to listen and support you. At LAB, we want to provide a strong platform to elevate local businesses and see them succeed. 

Ashley Mary painting live at The Collective. This piece is displayed in our studio today!

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, and you don’t have to do it alone. 

In the past, The Collective has brought together makers and businesses from Minnesota for a one-day pop-up shopping event each Spring. We started thinking…as a creative agency, how do we capture the success and connection of that one day and create something bigger? How can we utilize our creative talents & resources to bring connection & awareness to these brands all year long? 

As we’ve developed and reimagined The Collective, we knew the foundation of what makes anything successful is a strong community. It’s that camaraderie that keeps us moving forward and keeps us motivated to do more, learn more, and connect more. And it’s the belief that we are better together. 

Our very own Erica Gloeckler with The Collective 2020 newspaper.

Welcome to The Collective 2023

As our world evolves, businesses have to evolve as well. The last few years have made us think about how we can best show up for our community. The entrepreneurs in Minnesota are truly on a different caliber of innovation and creativity, which is why we are so excited to meet them where they’re at. Through the power of collaboration and connecting with others, we aim to redefine the way local businesses can succeed.

We are thrilled to introduce an enhanced version of an annual event we have curated in years past. Welcome to The Collective 2023! What was once a one-day event will now become an ongoing resource and marketing strategy for small businesses and a go-to platform for the community to engage with the brands that make this state so great.

Emily from Kisa Boutique selling her beloved Turkish Towels at The Collective

Two Markets, Two Days, Twice the Local Love

And don’t worry–we are amplifying the shopping experience with TWO pop-up markets – in the Spring AND the Fall – and both are 2-day events! We cannot wait to see you at Glass House this April and November.   

If you’re a shopper and looking for a unique local retail experience, mark your calendar. If you’re an entrepreneur needing support, join us. Whether you’re selling goods IRL or simply need to create awareness for your brand locally, we have SO many ways to support you in The Collective. 

Ashley Mary’s Pillows & Artwork on display at The Collective

We can’t wait to share more of what’s in store for the year ahead. Cheers to reimagining connection, collaboration, and creativity together!

Visit The Collective website to learn more about our full offerings! 

Emma is a writer living in Minneapolis. When she’s not checking out a new brewery with friends or blasting Taylor Swift in her car, you can find her dreaming up ideas as the Brand + Editorial Manager at LAB.