A Case for Taking the Leap

BY EMMA GEARY – JAN 12, 2023

Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

We’re hardly two weeks into 2023. Ready to stop reading about New Year’s Resolutions yet? 😉 

While reflection and goal-setting can (and should!) happen year-round, the new year often invites a quieter time to take stock of our present lives and think about how we’d like to move forward. 

Goal setting, manifestation, and mindfulness are crucial to success. But what about diving headfirst toward something that excites you? It’s a leap, after all! 

Your limb to step out upon could be anything from opening a new business to sharing how you really feel. In all of it, there is vulnerability. There is discomfort. There is uncertainty. 

And how WONDERFUL that we are alive to experience all of these wild and unpredictable parts of life! 

It’s a conversation we’ve been having frequently at LAB, especially as we reimagine The Collective and aim even higher in our Creative Services offerings in 2023. When we share our vision with fellow business owners and creatives, we’re met with support. Every time we make a jump, we end up landing exactly where we should be, even if we don’t see it right away. 

“Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.”

Peter McWilliams

To kick off the year, we’re sharing people within our LAB community that took a leap in 2022, and inspire us by using their talents to bring to life their biggest dreams. Plus, a few of the reads, listens, and watches that have been motivating our team to do what we love and be our most authentic selves.

Here are a few local entrepreneurs we love who recently took the leap:

Ashley Ochiagha – Fancy Meeting You Here

Ashley left her corporate gig to pursue Fancy Meeting You Here full-time, honing her passion for interior design that makes space for entrepreneurs. Plus, she hosts pop-up conversations geared toward entrepreneurship, space, and lifestyle design. In short, if you’re looking for encouragement – Ashley is our go-to girl.

Jason Berke – Warmhouse Story

Jason, the master Atmospherist behind Warmhouse Story, left his role at Target after 17+ years to begin his own venture. As our studio neighbor and LAB Talks panelist, we can confirm he’s been keeping busy with exciting projects far beyond anything we could have dreamed of! 

Shayla Owodunni – The Plant Penthouse

Stay tuned for more from Shayla in 2023 – colorful seeds are being planted for The Plant Penthouse! In 2022, Shayla reimagined her brand, designed a studio in Minneapolis, and left her job running a management consulting firm to pursue The Plant Penthouse full-time. 

We also asked our team, “What has inspired and motivated you to start 2023 on a high note?” Here’s what they shared:

Design Time: The Rebellious Ones

Mollie, Owner + Creative Director

I LOVE this podcast, where Julie Vadnal, Domino’s deputy editor, interviews design rebels and asks them about their most adventurous and exciting creative choices. It motivates me to do the same in all of the work we dream up at LAB!


Erica, Lead Graphic Designer

Stutz inspires me because it’s an incredibly beautiful look at mental heath and how to conquer hurdles in your everyday life. Many ofthe tools they talk about in the movie are especially helpful for creatives!

The Book of Delights: Essays by Ross Gay

Emma, Brand + Editorial Manager

I return to this book often, but especially in the new year. It’s truly one of the happiest and most hopeful books I’ve read, and I love that the essay form means you can easily read only a few pages and still get something meaningful from his work.

Living Freely and Lightly: A Guided Journal

Kate, Marketing + Community Manager

I’ve been loving working through this guided journal to help me grow; as a person overall and in my relationship with God. Plus, I love that the book is full of gorgeous watercolor art!

Cheers to a year of growth, vulnerability, and bringing your daydream to life. We can’t wait to share more local stories and favorite finds with you throughout 2023!

Emma is a writer living in Minneapolis. When she’s not checking out a new brewery with friends or blasting Taylor Swift in her car, you can find her dreaming up ideas as the Brand + Editorial Manager at LAB.