LAB Talks is where we set the stage to hear from those in our community and their compelling stories and insight. We curate a passionate panel to share their stories that offer different perspectives on making things happen IRL. Be surrounded by other like-minded individuals and take advantage of this energy to jumpstart your day - and your own passion. Currently we are mapping out programming for 2021 so we can continue to learn from others, stay curious and gain access to resources, tools and strategies to help you make things happen. Learn. Indulge. Apply. Repeat.

If you’re looking to consistently position your business or brand in front of a relevant, local audience, consider being a LAB Talks Partner. Or, if you’re looking for a one-time sponsorship opportunity, consider fueling the LAB Talks attendees with Parallel coffee as a Coffee Sponsor. You can also offer a product or service as a giveaway at an upcoming LAB Talks event. Send us a note, let’s connect! 

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